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Managing your social media accounts is a time consuming and sometimes frustrating task.  Many businesses have tried to use social media as a business building tool, and simply haven’t seen considerable results.  It just isn’t sufficient to create the account and set it on auto-pilot.  Rather, it needs to be strategically managed, attractive and active, as well as uniquely compelling.

A Social Blast is a way for businesses to provide quality information on their social media platforms, as well as by email.  These are specially tailored articles, posts and offers that are designed to increase the number of subscribers a business has and generate more leads.  And the best part, we do it all for you!

Provided with the Social Blast is a professionally written and edited article intended for a business’s target audience, delivered either monthly in the Single Blast Package or twice a month with the Double Blast Package.  Included along with the package is an optional coupon or special offer, at the business’s direction.  These will also be worded, designed and published by 4L Consulting Group.

We stand by the quality of our work, and deliver it to you satisfaction guaranteed.  If at any time you are unsatisfied with the products and services provided, we will gladly provide a refund in full.  Services can also be cancelled at any time.


Single Blast PackageDouble Blast Package
One time setup fee$1,100
One time setup fee$ 1,100
Monthly Management$447
Monthly Management$747
First Month Total$1,547
First Month Total$1,847
Branding Pack Discount$(250) Branding Pack Discount$(250)
Total w/any
Branding Pack
Total w/any
Branding Pack

*Email Auto-Responder and social media account setup fees billed separately if necessary

Here’s How it Works:

When a business purchases a Social Blast package, our sales group is in contact  within two business days to discuss the program in detail and to gather any information that is necessary to get started.  The timing of the blasts as well as any and all branding information is discussed and schedules and templates are put in place.

Once the initial setup is complete, an email is sent three weeks before each scheduled blast. This email is to remind the client of the upcoming blast and again to gather any information that may be needed from the client, such as any promotions or coupons that they would like included with the blast, as well as any specific ideas for content that they may want for the content of the blast.  This information is then compiled by our group and we start putting everything together.

7-10 days before the blast is to go out, a proof is sent to the business for review and approval.  This ensures that everything is in order and that they are completely satisfied.  The business can simply click the ‘Approve’ link to approve the blast for distribution, or they can click the ‘Comments’ link to give feedback or help us to correct any errors we may have missed.