Small Business Saturday Promotion

In honor of Small Business Saturday, we at Elk Creek Web Solutions want to make an offer to all of the Small Businesses that make our communities what they are. Any business that responds to this promotion and contacts us will be eligible to receive any of the following offers. 6 Months FREE basic web hosting and maintenance with 1 year contract. A $240 value! 9 Months FREE basic web hosting and maintenance with 2 year contract. A $360 value! 10% off of any web design and development … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Promotion

As we enter November and with Thanksgiving approaching, it’s only appropriate to offer a deal that is worthy of the season. From now until November 30th Elk Creek Web Solutions is offering 6 months of free basic web hosting and maintenance for ANY new clients that sign up for a 1 or 2 year hosting package, a $240 value! In addition, we are offering 15% off of ANY website design or development that are initiated during the month. Contact us today to discuss your needs and how you can take … [Read more...]


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